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Working for a greener environment by recycling

Welcome to Green Fence Plastics Ltd.

We are a plastics recovery company formed and based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, established in the year 2000.

As a company our aim is to recover plastics that would normally be destined for landfill, and prepare them for recycling. Working with manufacturers of various plastic products to be able to reuse this stock instead of virgin polymer without compromising the quality, price and sustainability of the finished product, but reducing the carbon footprint it would take to create which on average is 90% less.

There are lots of different types of plastic, each one designed for a specific job. A yoghurt pot is made of different plastic (polypropylene) to a milk bottle (hdpe), a fizzy pop bottle is different again (pet) and your plastic windows are made of yet another type (uPVC) for strength and weather resistance. In industry, different plastics are used to make containers resistant to different chemicals, such as acids and alkalis, of various strengths and temperatures so that they can be transported safely. Foodstuffs containers need food grade plastics which don’t leech chemicals into the food.

To recycle plastics, then, they first need to be separated into their individual types, all contamination removed, and then densified so that they can be transported economically.

We take in most types of plastic, but for a more specific list please click on "We Accpet Waste Plastic". Technically, every type of plastic can be recycled, but there needs to be enough of a particular type to make it worthwhile. Please contact us to see if we are currently able to accept your type of plastic.
It is our job to provide a plastic disposal route that is as wide and varied as possible so that you the customer can get a one stop shop. We will try our best to accommodate your needs. Please call us if you need any advice or help.


Recycle your plastic for a greener future!

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